Make It Do – Status Update #1

This particular update isn’t going to be that exciting…I posted a picture of my pantry in my kickoff post and as you may have been able to tell, I’m not about to run out of grocery any time soon.

I also think I did fairly well in not buying any extras – we did have friends visiting over the weekend, and I almost managed to feed them with food I had in the house.  I used dried green lentils, potatoes, onions and garlic in the moussaka I made (but did have to go out to buy eggplants and zucchini); I had all the ingredients at home to make tzatziki (including delicious green garlic from our garden), but did have to buy some whole wheat pita; for dessert I was able to make lemon bars and cherry chocolate ice cream (I bought cream from the store, but I didn’t really have to confess that since it is an allowable item on my list).  I also had enough ingredients to make a butternut squash lasagna (using the leftover filling from the raviolis I had made – I had frozen the extra).

I feel a little bit guilty about confessing all of this to folks who were inadvertently part of my experiment this weekend.  But I think they walked away well fed :).

I think this project will get more exciting once I start running out of things.  So far, it has been a little too easy!


  1. I definitely should enroll in a project like this! I buy things for a one-off menu or a special creation and then, it sits in the pantry. Not sure I’ll follow so close but I may work out some of my things.

    • That happens to me all the time (thus my current situation) – you definitely have to get creative though because it is so easy to just run out and buy a missing ingredient!

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