CSA Delivery – February 22, 2012 – Leeks, Carrots, Potatoes…did someone say soup?

This week’s delivery will absolutely require me to make potato leek soup – considering the great weather we had today, it feels like spring is just around the corner, so I better take advantage of soup season while I can.

The carrots this week were beautiful – I think I’m going to roast these in the oven to serve with something that is yet to be determined.  Also, I think I’ve become a bit of an onion snob – the onions we’ve been getting from my delivery are so delicious – I caramelized some earlier this week and served them with baby broccoli and they were absolutely fantastic.

Blood orange season will soon be behind us, so I definitely need to take advantage – it looks like they may have been short on blood oranges this week, because I got an interesting assortment of various oranges. I’m not complaining, because they’re deeeelish!


  1. Beautiful! I love pictures of fresh produce…so colorful! And caramelized carrots? Yes, please! Do you pick the produce from the CSA or do they just send you a variety and it ends up being a surprise each time?

    • Fortunately, I get to pick every week, although I always try to add some of their newer items just to mix things up. There are lots of CSAs that have more of a “mystery box” concept – I don’t have a strong opinion in either case – I just love how great the service and how great the quality is with the CSA I joined.

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