CSA Delivery – February 29, 2012 – Oooh! A Leap Day Delivery of Arugula, Leeks, Japanese Sweet Potatoes and More

This week’s delivery had some great arugula – I think arugula is my favourite salad green out of them all.  The peppery flavour goes well with so many cheeses and various vegetables.  Unfortunately, we can’t seem to grow arugula properly – ok, let me be honest, we actually always forget to pick it and let it go out of control and by then, it doesn’t taste good.

I love Japanese sweet potatoes roasted with some arugula, so there’s an idea already on how to use those.  And with the recent cool weather we’ve gotten combined with my Make it Do project, I think there will either be some soup or risotto (or both) made with those leeks.

Avocados, grapefruit and broccoli completed this week’s delivery.


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