Raw Kale Salad

I never thought I would ever enjoy kale in raw form, but I’m always willing to try something (vegetarian) once!

I saw a variation of this recipe in my CSA newsletter and decided to put something of my own together.

A little tip when prepping kale: instead of chopping kale, I usually wash the leaves and hold onto the stem while I pull away the leaves. I then tear the leaves into smaller pieces. Small pieces are definitely important with a raw kale salad.

I had some leftover avocado that I had added some lime juice and cilantro to still in the fridge, so I opted to use that up. I added the avocado to the kale and threw in some chopped green garlic. Now this is the fun part – I used my hands to mash the avocado through the greens (instant moisturizer!).  Leftover guacamole or plain ripe avocados with some lime juice would have served a similar purpose. I allowed it to sit for about 15 minutes before serving.

The kale turned a vibrant green and was crunchy and fresh – I served the salad with a veggie burger patty I made out of legumes and veggies. Keep an eye out for my post on the hunt for the perfect homemade veggie burger recipe!


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