A Birthday Subscription to Vegan Cuts

A wise friend once said “Good friends bring good things”.  An even wiser friend got me a subscription to Vegan Cuts for my birthday this year! Woohoo! I’ve seen so many posts about the Vegan Cuts subscription, but never took the leap to actually sign up.  I’m looking forward to trying out all these goodies…they’re mine…all mine…

April’s box contained the following items:

  1. Simply Straws – a BPA-free glass drinking straw – looks like the perfect size for smoothies – will be interesting to see how long it takes for me to break this
  2. Nuttzo – nut butter made of seven nuts and seeds – this is probably a step up from Justin’s when it comes to healthy options
  3. Vigilant Eats – oat cereal with macs, vanilla, hemp and cacao – I’ll have to save this for a day when it isn’t 80F outside during breakfast (holy heatwave, California!)
  4. Nii Foods – almond butter bar with chocolate chips and seeds – my current bar of choice has been NuGo Organic; looking forward to changing it up
  5. Mediterranean Snacks – I used to buy these lentil chips regularly when I was being strict about a gluten free diet.
  6. Numi Organic Tea – this brand is one of my favourite (second to Two Leaves). The option of a savory vegetable based tea is intriguing.  In an attempt to improve my digestion, my acupuncturist once recommended started any raw meals with a hot soup – I’m sure this tea would serve a similar purpose.
  7. MCT Lean – I’m always wary of pea based protein powders – I have yet to find one that I can actually stomach (there’s something about the pasty aftertaste that I can’t handle, which is why I usually stick to a whey protein).  We’ll see how this one goes!
  8. Oatworks – this beverage intrigues me – why would anyone need to have their oatmeal in liquid form? Oh well, its a good thing to keep in the diaper bag for a quick snack in a pinch!


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