Garden Tomatillo Salsa

September is almost over, and I’m so behind on all my “canning” activities.  I’m planning on catching up this weekend, but at least my salsa is already taken care of.

This season we planted tomatillos from seed – almost all of our plants survived, so we ended up transplanting all six plants into our garden. I finally harvested all of the fruit, but again, my fear of canning kicked in and I decided to freeze a base that I could defrost in the future to use as a “fresh” salsa.

I started off by roasting all of the ingredients (jalapenos, garlic, white onions and tomatillos at 400F) in the oven until the tomatillos released all of their juices.  Once it had cooled, I ran it through my food processor and packed the ingredients into freezer bags. When I’m ready to use the salsa, I’ll defrost it, add in some fresh cilantro and squeeze in some lime juice – instant green salsa, with no preservatives and only yummy goodness added!


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