CSA Delivery – December 28, 2011 – Garlic, Red Potatoes, Arugula

This week may just be the last time I order garlic for a very long time.  I use a lot of it in all our meals, and each little clove of garlic from my deliveries is extremely potent, so it lasts quite a while.  However, this winter, we planted about four rows of garlic in our garden.  I’m extremely excited to have lots of fresh green garlic in the spring followed by the bulbs when we harvest them.

We also have arugula in the garden right now, and right now I can’t quite think of the logic behind why I chose to order it – I blame the holidays for my space cadet moment.

This week had a lot of basics – after eating up a storm over the past few weeks, I decided it was best to keep our meals simple this week.  Broccoli, red potatoes, carrots and celery completed the delivery which are all great ingredients to have on hand when you want some soup for a cozy, winter meal.


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