CSA Delivery – October 5, 2011

I ordered the Spigarello Greens again this week – they truly do taste similar to broccoli (one of my favourite vegetables, which is why you see it so often in my delivery post) and will taste great with some whole wheat pasta.  I also ordered some napa cabbage with the intent to make cabbage rolls again.

We purposely didn’t plant any zucchini this year (you can only make so many batches of zucchini bread or zucchini brownies)  but I’ve enjoyed getting a few every once in a while from our delivery.  A simple stirfry of onions and zucchini in my Lodge cast iron pan makes a perfect side or sandwich filling.

The peppers from our garden have finished, so I’m getting the last of them from my delivery – who knows how much longer we’ll have them since the weather has changed so dramatically here.

Apple season is upon us! This week, I ordered Braeburn apples – there are so many varieties these days, I just can’t decide which is my favourite!

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