What to choose: processed soy or dairy?

This past weekend I was hanging out at my sister’s place. Sunday morning she decided to make breakfast from scratch, and she chose to make vegan pancakes and biscuits in consideration of my month long experiment…yummy! The biscuits called for vegan margarine, which we luckily had at hand due to a previous vegan cupcake day experiment with Sarpreet.  During the mixing and measuring of ingredients, we started discussing whether products like soy-based vegan margarine are really better for you than the natural product, butter? It seems to me that real butter is probably a more natural, less processed choice. After trying out some Daiya vegan cheese over the weekend, I’d also say the same might go for soy cheese?  It seems a product that is also highly processed (and I have to confess that I had a hard time with the soy cheese – it won’t be making my menu again). Is it better to stick with organic, natural dairy products in these cases? Food for thought!

One comment

  1. Some vegan margarine’s aren’t so bad, for example the famous one in Cal is Earth Balance. But yes, definitely want to avoid as much processed Soy as possible, regardless of the fact it is a heavily GM crop.

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