Summer Dessert Ideas with Dr. Oetker

I had an assortment of berries in the refrigerator and decided to combine a few pudding flavours to make a quick afternoon dessert.  I used to buy Jello Instant Pudding (because I didn’t know better), and although the best option would be to make it from scratch, I find that Dr. Oetker’s Organic Puddings are great to have in the pantry for a last-minute, simple dessert option.  I like the simplicity of the ingredients in this brand and don’t mind putting in some effort to cook the pudding on the stove (the package instructions do have a microwave option as well). I used organic 2% milk when making the pudding, but I’m sure I could have turned this into a vegan dessert by using a non-dairy milk that could withstand some heat (almond milk, in my opinion, is generally not a good option for this).

I made a box of chocolate and a box of vanilla pudding and used blackberries (1/2 cup), strawberries (1 pint) and blueberries (1 pint) in this dessert. I’m a firm believer in presentation, and I’m convinced that it made the dessert taste so much better.  I pulled out some fun glasses, and layered together the ingredients to form the dessert – vanilla pudding, blueberries, chocolate pudding, strawberries, a bit more vanilla pudding and finally a couple of blackberries on top.  It made just enough for 8 servings.


  1. Yumm! This looks like a simple, pretty recipe that I’ve got to try! Where do you buy Dr. Oetker’s Organic pudding from locally?

    • I’ve found their line at Cost Plus World Market – I also think they have it at Whole Foods, but I’m not positive that they still carry the line. You could always buy it from Amazon, but committing to a case of 12 seems like a bit much!

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