CSA Delivery – June 8, 2011

You can tell my parents are in town based on the different items in my delivery this week – they are huge melon fans and cauliflower easily turns into parontha or gobi sabzi (I don’t eat gobi sabzi…as a rule).

The carrots that have been coming from the delivery are magical. I say this because raw carrots used to wreak havoc on my digestive system, but because I loved them so much, I would occasionally sneak a bite or two and then deal with the consequences.  I snuck a bite of these carrots a few weeks ago, and no problems at all! I’ve never been able to figure out what it was about carrots that my stomach didn’t like, but I’m going to stick to these!

The strawberries and peaches are a wonderful reminder of what our farmers market will soon bring.  And the cabbage? Well, that’s just good for you.


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