Almond milk anyone?

I’ve had a few family members switch to soy milk in lieu of milk over the years, but it hasn’t ever been a beverage that I’ve done well with getting down.  Something about the corn-ish aftertaste and the texture keeps me away.  It’s too thick for my taste.  I’m ok with a spot of soy milk in my tea, but overall I just can’t get it down if the taste and texture isn’t largely hidden (like in a homemade fruit smoothie).   I have been told that I’m not buying the right brand of soy milk, but honestly, I’ve tried the soy milk my siblings buy and still, it’s a no go for me.  This was a concern for me this month of my vegan experiment.   However, it’s almond milk to the rescue!  The texture is much lighter than soy milk and I find I actually enjoy the taste.  I’ve only tried the unsweetened stuff so far, but so far so good.  This has become my milk substitute of choice, for cereal and for my post-gym fruit smoothies in the morning.  Thank goodness for almond milk!


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