Vegan Experiment – Week Three Complete

Here’s a review of last week:

  1. My dietary choices have almost become second nature because I’ve grown comfortable with the ingredients I need to focus on.
  2. I think that adding a tablespoon of Udo’s 3-6-9 Blend to my morning smoothies has helped with my dry skin issues
  3. My cravings for cheese have gone down quite a bit – although, I still am looking forward to my first greek salad with loads of feta.
  4. I’ve noticed that my olive consumption has gone down – probably because I’m not eating cheese.  I love cheese and olives as a snack.  I don’t think I’ll go back to that habit, but some  olive tapenade is sounding really good right now.
  5. Nutella is not vegan – oops – that one slipped through the cracks. Just another reason why it would have been good to do a purge in my kitchen before starting this.
  6. Another couple of pounds gone…woohoo!
  7. I tried sprouted wheat bread last week.  I’m a fan.
  8. I crave a lot of flavour in my food now – spicy thai curries are high on my craving list.  I already used to eat a lot of ginger and garlic in my food, but now it is absolutely essential.
  9. I have been eating a lot more vegetables now – sounds a bit silly since as a vegetarian, you’d think they were such a big part of my diet.  I think it is because I’m trying to eat smaller meals and snack more often – when you limit yourself to vegan options, fresh fruits and veggies start filling in the blanks.
  10. I no longer feel the need for caffeine.  I do like to have a cup of green tea in the morning, but my coffee and earl grey tea cravings are gone.  That being said, I love the taste of a Peet’s latte, but it is a treat nowadays instead of the norm.

One more week to go!

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