Making use of leftover soup for a quick dinner

Remember that soup from the other night? I had it for lunch one day, but decided to use the rest for dinner tonight. I cooked 2 cups of brown rice using the recipe I posted last week. I then warmed up the soup in a non stick pan and allowed it to reduce a little further so it would thicken up. I then mixed in the rice gently into the soup and added some sun-dried tomatoes and broccoli rabe.

I keep a cast iron grill pan on the my stove all the time to quickly grill up veggies and tofu. We hardly ever use our barbecue anymore since I bought this pan because i find clean up to be so much easier. It helps that i have a 6 burner gas cooktop (72000 BTUs…insert Tim Allen grunt here). I grilled up the asparagus with a spray of oil from my Misto sprayer (a great find at Costco in a 2 pack).

I normally would have topped off the bowl with some crumbled feta, but that’s a no-no during my vegan experiment!


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