The Baby Eats Series: Kitchen Oils at the Changing Table

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a Doctor or health professional so please consult the appropriate person before making any decisions with regards to your baby’s health. You should always do what is right for your family.

This is a little change of pace – we’ll talk about some cooking oils I have in my kitchen, and how I use them on my little one at the changing table. If you have a child that loves to put things in their mouth like mine did (and still does), you’ll appreciate that you’re only putting safe items onto their skin.

We’ll start off with my favorite, coconut oil.  Among its other great benefits, I love carrying this around in my diaper bag and toiletry case because it remains in a solid form – that means fewer leaks and spills.

  • Massage oil – we used this on our little one to give her a massage before bath time
  • Diaper cream – at the slightest sign of a rash, we opted for coconut oil before reaching for this Diaper Cream – interestingly enough, it also contains coconut oil as an ingredient.
  • Cradle cap – we used coconut oil massaged into our daughter’s scalp to help with her cradle cap before lightly brushing her hair with a soft brush.  We felt that it quickly reduced her cradle cap and prevented us from inadvertently pulling on some of the scabs.
  • Behind baby’s ears – even after washing behind her ears with a washcloth regularly, our little one still ended up with a crusty layer behind her ears.  Coconut oil applied after her bath prevented it from returning.  I wouldn’t recommend picking at it – the coconut oil just worked its magic.

My second favorite oil is avocado oil – don’t bother buying something in the personal care section, just head down to the grocery aisle! Costco carries a 1L bottle of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil for under $10. I use this oil to detangle my daughter’s unruly curls and occasionally as a massage oil during the day since she shows signs of mild eczema, and the only thing that keeps it in check is keeping her skin well moisturized.

Olive oil is also a great massage oil option – especially if you are visiting someone and they don’t have coconut or avocado oil available.

coconut and avocado over white background
coconut and avocado over white background

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