video The Baby Eats Series: First Foods

As someone who has an extreme fascination with food, getting ready for my daughter’s first solid food was an exciting time.  We waited to introduce solids until she was 6 months old, and by that point, she was just rearing for some “real” food – she was always making lip smacking sounds whenever she saw us eating, and wanted in on the “good stuff”.

Her first food was sweet potato – and of course, not just any type of sweet potato…it was a Japanese sweet potato, which is one of my favorite varieties.  I was also excited that her first food was going to be from my CSA.  We went with 5 days of the same food before switching to the next to ensure we didn’t come across any stomach upsets or allergies. She barely ate a tablespoon in each serving, as this was really about her learning to push food to the back of her mouth. Here’s a clip of her first bite!

Other great first foods are carrots, green beans and spinach.  We held off on offering peas, broccoli and cauliflower – peas because the outer skin is difficult to digest and broccoli/cauliflower can make babies gassy.  I soon learned that those veggies were great to mix in with other vegetables when serving.

As a side note, we did try rice cereal in a couple of meals, but in the end, I found that it just made my daughter’s stomach upset – we decided to skip the cereals, and stuck to fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes when she was ready.

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