Halloween CSA Delivery (and a song to go with it)

Let’s start off with a song – for those of you who took French throughout grade school, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.

OK, now down to business 🙂 – I haven’t posted a CSA delivery in aaaaages, but it seemed like a good time to post today, as the season has definitely changed, and winter veggies have become a part of my delivery.

I was in Arizona for a conference a couple of weeks ago and had the opportunity to eat at True Food Kitchen – the menu at this restaurant is based on Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory diet. I indulged in a spaghetti squash dish that was absolutely delicious – I knew I had to recreate it at home, so of course, I added a spaghetti squash to my delivery.

I’m trying to incorporate more salads with my dinner, so I added beets, carrots, peppers and radishes to my delivery.  It’s easy to throw together a side salad if you have fun ingredients in the refrigerator.

And of course, the fall season is upon us so kale and apples were a given, along with broccoli and cilantro.

One comment

  1. True Food is one of my very favorite restaurants. If you come to AZ again, email and we can have dinner. I have a spaghetti squash that I am planning to roast tomorrow night.

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