CSA Delivery – March 21, 2012 – Holy Cilantro!

It is as if the CSA folks knew my parents are in town and consuming large amounts of cilantro with us – they packed an extra bunch into my delivery today, and it was absolutely beautiful.

I also ordered cauliflower even though I’m not really a fan…I tried to like it again this season, but after having it in a few stir fries, I was reminded of how much I really don’t enjoy this vegetable.  That being said, I love having cauliflower in paronthas, and I’m sure my mom would love to make some for me.

Check out the colour of the radishes in the picture below – gorgeous! We planted radishes in the garden this year – hopefully we’ll have better luck than we’ve had in past years.  I think we will since my dad was responsible for most of our spring planting during this visit.

Carrots, broccoli and grapefruit completed this week’s delivery.  Our neighbours brought over a large bag of grapefruits from their yard this week as well, so I’ll need to get creative with finding ways to use them all!


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