CSA Delivery – February 1, 2012 – Filling the refrigerator with carrots, celery, kale, cilantro…

I’ve been traveling for the past couple of weeks and had to cancel two CSA deliveries – so sad, I know.  The only good part was that I got to order extra items to stock up my refrigerator again (yes, I’m a food nerd).

My vegetable drawer was completely empty – kale, celery and carrots were a definite must to order.  I’ve also been having a lot of broccoli and cauliflower this winter, and included them again this time around.  I love the flavor of sweet potatoes with kale, and the Japanese sweet potatoes are especially delicious.

I’ve been sticking with apples for the past few weeks as my fruit of choice – I love having an apple in the afternoon with some cheese or some nuts.

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