CSA Delivery – December 7, 2011

This week’s delivery included two new items being offered by the farm.  The first was escarole, which is part of the endive family and tastes quite similar to radicchio.  The second was Portugese cabbage, which to me, looked just like collard greens – it will be interesting to see if it tastes any different.

The bunch of broccoli is huge this week! I think it needs to be used with an alfredo sauce over pasta this week.  Leeks and celery completed the vegetable roundup for this week.

Pomegranates are always so delicious, but is such a pain to prep (and I always end up with red stains all over my clothes).  Last week, I soaked the pomegranate in a bowl of water after separating most of the seeds and which allowed the fibers to float to the top of the bowl – it made separating out the seeds a lot easier! Yay for new techniques!

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