CSA Delivery – October 26, 2011

This week’s options in my CSA box were definitely indicative of winter being around the corner.  I’ve recently grown quite fond of potatoes as a regular addition in my diet – they get such a bad rap, but I feel like it is what get puts ON a potato is what causes the problem (butter, sour cream, cheese, cream).  This week, I opted for Russets and Yukon Golds – I prefer Russets when I’m baking or making oven fries, but the Yukon Golds taste delicious when pan fried.

You’re probably getting pretty bored of seeing carrots and broccoli show up so regularly, but they are staples in our weekly diet.  I’m looking forward to making a stew using the cabbage – it is a perfect winter meal.

The red grapes this week are so delicious – I don’t think that little bunch is going to last very long!

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