CSA Delivery – September 28, 2011

This week’s delivery welcomed in the fall season with Jonagold apples – these are one of my favourite varieties, second to Honeycrisps. Contrary to all the scare in the food media with cantaloupe food poisoning, I feel comfortable with ordering it from my local farms.

I’ve recently been pan frying onions in my cast iron pan to add into just about everything – I’m hooked. With our warm weather we’ve been recently having, peppers are still in an abundance, and I’m making the most of it – this week I ordered Cubanelle Italian peppers.

The cilantro in my garden has gone to seed, and I love adding it to so many dishes – the cilantro I receive from my CSA is always so fragrant and delicious.

Last week, I was sure that winter was coming with the change in weather in the evenings (boy was I wrong)…I ordered baby bok choy with the thought that I’d be making pho. I’ll have to find some other use for it now, because at 95F today, it doesn’t seem like summer wants to end.

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