CSA Delivery – August 3, 2011

I decided to include a few extra items in this week’s delivery since we just came back from our Japan trip yesterday (by the way, I have SO much to share about our food adventures!), and our refrigerator was going to be empty.  There’s something just great about cleaning out your refrigerator before a vacation and starting from scratch to stock it up with fresh ingredients.

The carrots and celery are an automatic addition each week now for juicing.  We have arugula coming up in the garden now, so I think this will be the last time I include it this summer.  The broccoli was just beautiful and the green peppers super crisp.  I also love summer corn, and my CSA does not disappoint.  For fruits this week, I decided to include raspberries, grapes and a cantaloupe – I didn’t put the cantaloupe away until I had cut it up and put it into a plastic container.  I find that if I don’t do that right away, it usually ends up in the back of the refrigerator and forgotten about.


  1. I have questions about your CSA – so they let you custom-pick which produce you receive each week? How far in advance do you have to let them know what you want? What if you’re late in getting your order to them – do they just send you a standard selection or do they not deliver at all? Would this be all answered in one easy link to their website – if so, feel free to point me there…

    • Yes – we get an email each week (just received it this morning – I’ll forward it to you) that lets us know what is available. At that point, you can go to their online store and place the “order”. If you don’t order in time, they will select for you based on your ordering history. There is also the slight chance that you may not get what you order (they have a spot for you to enter an alternate selection in case your items aren’t available) – this rarely happens though. Here’s their website: http://eatwiththeseasons.com/

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