CSA Delivery – July 20, 2011

This week, I made sure to include carrots and celery in my delivery, since we’ve been using these organic items in our daily juice.  I’m also keen on trying out Heidi Swanson’s celery salt recipe – I used to keep celery salt as a staple in my spice cabinet but then eventually just started adding minced celery to many of my recipes for the fresh flavour.  It would be nice to have some on hand though for a quick alternative.

Corn and peaches continue to be regulars in my delivery.  I’ve also been trying to make sure I have yogurt regularly, so the raspberries will be a nice addition.  I was running low on potatoes, so I included them in my list this week.

PS – don’t worry, I took the carrot tops off after I took the picture 🙂

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