CSA Delivery – June 22, 2011

I think I had mentioned that my deliveries tend to get a bit boring once the summer season is in full swing – I end up buying so many things at the farmers market instead. This week’s post may cause you to doze off slightly, but the blog must go on!

All that being said, the green beans are fantastic – very crispy and fresh.  I already overloaded on plums and peaches at the farmers market on Sunday (ok, so I got a bit greedy), but these look like they’ll last a while.  I love grilling zucchini so they are definitely destined for my grill pan.  The baby potatoes will go very well with all that fresh rosemary in the garden.  My dad was visiting a few weeks ago, and he couldn’t believe how tasty all the produce in the house was (even the potatoes!).  I proudly told him it was because of my fun delivery every week 🙂

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