Using leftover guacamole as a pasta sauce

Now that I think about it, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this idea earlier.  For lunch on Monday, I had some leftover beans and rice, and as I was packing my lunch in the morning, I threw in a dollop of guacamole.   When I warmed up my lunch and mixed in the guacamole, it created such creamy goodness.  I immediately thought of the leftover pasta noodles in my refrigerator and how I was going to transform them for dinner in the evening.

I chopped up 10 fresh leaves of kale from my garden (which seems like a lot when you’re chopping, but it reduces down quite a bit) and added four cloves of garlic (love garlic).  I then added in two tomatoes and a can of chick peas.  Once it had all cooked together, I added the leftover guacamole (about a cup), a bit of water and it created a wonderful creamy sauce – I didn’t even feel the need to top it off with feta.  I think I’ve found my default cream sauce for weekday meals.

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