This post is kind of related to food – Sapothecary

While other folks most likely trek across the Golden Gate Bridge to head to wine country, I choose to head up there for the olives.  I’ve been to the Olive Festival in the past and enjoyed visiting the various farms that participated in the event.

Although McEvoy Ranch isn’t a sponsor at the Olive Festival, I have tried a few of their products.  I don’t know if my palette is mature enough to tell the difference across higher end olive oils, but I have enjoyed all of the products I have bought, whether it be for dipping bread, or using for a tomato, olive and feta salad.

A few weeks ago at the Green Festival in San Francisco, I was browsing through the area of natural body products.  I have mild eczema, so my skin tends to be very dry – the large olive oil sign at the stall intrigued me. Sapothecary makes handmade soaps using extra virgin olive oil – the company is a spinoff from McEvoy Ranch.  What fascinated me was the ingredients they used in their soaps – I knew what almost all of them were and they were all words I could pronounce. The salesperson did a good job of getting me to use my green dollars I had received at the registration desk on her products.

I’ve been using the soap for a few weeks now, and my skin feels great – I rarely need to use lotion, which saves me one whole step while getting ready in the morning (translation: one additional snooze when the alarm rings).  I bought their Orange Cinnamon with Olive Mud, Grapefruit Lemongrass with Oatmeal and Peppermint with Mint Leaves. We’ll see how this goes, but I may just be a permanent customer!

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