CSA Delivery – April 20, 2011

Strawberry season is here! This year, I’m going to sign up for the strawberry option in my weekly delivery. These smaller, darker berries are so much better than those large oversized berries normally found at the grocery store.

I added romaine lettuce to the list this week because sometimes, all I want is a good Caesar salad (with a creamy tofu dressing of course). Green garlic (again), avocados and broccoli – I kept the list simple this week because I stocked up at the farmers market.


    • I always have a harder time using onions than I do garlic..but green onions just scream a miso broth to me. Making a quick dip for veggies would also be great (I have a post on a dip I made out of yogurt), or making guacamole with cilantro and green onions would be great!

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